Last Published: 2009-03-23

Welcome to Insight!

Analysis of Run time meta data of Java applications aids in trouble shooting problems and helps make the application robust. Often there is voluminous data from which "information" needs to be gathered. Application log files is one such meta data that contains information on control flow, processing logic, performance, error details etc.

"A Picture speaks thousand words"

And Insight paints one such picture.

Insight is an analysis tool developed as a collaborative effort by different project team members at MindTree. It is the result of a community initiative to create utilities that aid the developer in every day work. It contains a GUI based analyzer for log files.


Insight Development is supported and sponsored by MindTree Ltd.. All current Insight developers are employees of MindTree.


Unless specifically mentioned, Insight and all its modules are released free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.


Insight has the following modules:

  • Insight UI: The primary release module of Insight UI.
  • Insight Eclipse Plugin: An eclipse plug-in for Insight - currently work in progress.
  • Insight Remote Protocol: A simple protocol to pump data remotely into the Insight UI.

    Apart from the modules mentioned above there are a number of release engineering modules developed by the team to aid in the development of Insight.