Last Published: 2008-04-17

JSmooth Plugin

The NSIS Plug-in has been developed to generate Windows Excutables for Maven managed projects. The Plug-in uses JSmooth to generate windows executables.

The plug-in uses the configuration for generating JSmooth executables that is consumed and understood by JSmooth. However the plug-in can inject sections of the file dynamically.

Goal's Overview

The plug-in has four goals:


The current version of the plug-in is 0.1.0. Hence the features, configuration and API of the plug-in are not frozen. Anything in the plug-in is subject to change at any time until version 1.0 is released.

The Insight development team shall make every effort to maintain at least 2 previous releases in the maven repository. Also, we don't have a permanent maven repository yet. So even the repository location might change.


Instructions on using the plug-in is described here .


An example for configuring the plug-in is available here .

Maven JSmooth Plugin
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