Last Published: 2009-03-23

Insight Developer Documents

The Insight Developer Documents has been put together to assimilate and share knowledge gained by developers working on Insight on how to do things better. The documents are developed using exchanges on the insight-development mailing list or the Insight Wiki.

The section currently has the following pages:

Developer Document Wish List

The wish list of all documents that could be added to this section is maintained on the Insight Wiki at

The list during the last edit to the page stood as:

  1. Document the Insight Release Process. Specifically, the release process to the Insight Maven Repositories.
  2. Create scripts and processes to generate and upload the Insight site, and document the process created above.
  3. Document the process to create the Google site index and upload process of the same.
  4. Add news feature to the website, possibly with RSS feeds. Have a look at the velocity-site-news-plugin.