Last Published: 2009-03-27  | Version: 0.2.0-M1 | Insight > Release Engineering

NSIS Plugin

The NSIS Plug-in has been developed to generate Windows Installers for Maven managed projects. The Plug-in uses Nullsoft Scriptable Install System to generate windows installers.

NSIS is a very versatile and scriptable installer creation system. The NSIS plug-in uses Velocity templates to generate installer scripts from information from the projects pom.xml and also from information configured with the NSIS Project configuration.

The installer then compiles the generated installer into an executable setup file. For the compilation phase however, the installer requries NSIS to be pre installed on the system, and the makensis.exe file either being available on the path or the directory containing the executable being configured using the nsisPath variable.

The NSIS Plug-in has been designed and built primarily to aid in the installer generation for the Insight UI. Its functionality is thus limited to the functionality required by Insight UI.

Goal's Overview

The plug-in has four goals:


The current version of the plug-in is 0.2.0. Hence the features, configuration and API of the plug-in are not frozen. Anything in the plug-in is subject to change at any time until version 1.0 is released.

The Insight development team shall make every effort to maintain at least 2 previous releases in the maven repository. Also, we don't have a permanent maven repository yet. So even the repository location might change.


Instructions on using the current version of the plug-in is described at here.

For the stable version see here.


An example for configuring the plug-in is available here.

Maven NSIS Plugin
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Release - 0.1.0
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