Last Published: 2008-04-08  | Version: 1.5.2

Welcome to Insight UI

Analysis of Run time meta data of Java applications aids in trouble shooting problems and helps make the application robust. Often there is voluminous data from which "information" needs to be gathered. Application log files is one such meta data that contains information on control flow, processing logic, performance, error details etc.

"A Picture speaks thousand words"

And Insight paints one such picture.

Insight is an analysis tool developed as a collaborative effort by different project team members at MindTree. It is the result of a community initiative to create utilities that aid the developer in every day work. It contains a GUI based analyzer for log files.

Get Started

Insight is built on Java, and all you need to run Insight is JRE 1.4.2 or higher. (There are some Swing bugs fixed in JRE 1.4.2_08, hence a version of JRE higher than that is recommended).

To get Insight you may download the distributions from the download page at Binary distributions are available for Windows (installer) and *nix.


The Insight UI Help section has more details about using the Insight UI.

Support and Reporting Defects

Insight UI Support is available via public mailing lists. The available mailing lists for the module is detailed on the Mail lists page.

For reporting a defect on Insight, please use the Soruce Forge tracker system, the details of which are available in the Issue Tracking page.