Last Published: 2009-03-27  | Version: 0.2.0-M1 | Insight > Release Engineering

The half-cooked wish list for the NSIS plugin.

The Maven NSIS Plugin was created with the sole purpose of getting Insight NSIS generation to work, and hence all of NSIS's features are not supported.

Without external help, it is unlikely that most features of NSIS will be implemented. In the near future however, to aid in Insight's installer improvements the following features will be implemented:

  • Support for XPStyle Installer
  • Support for selecting Compression
  • Add test cases
  • Add configuration to make artifact attachment optional
  • Make this part of the Maven Assembly plug-in
  • move to using the Maven Common Artifact Filters and File Management modules in the future for better file, folder and artifact handling.

Issue Tracking

Should you have a feature you would like implemented, or want to help with please feel free. We intend to use the Insight Feature Request Tracker for this. The feature request tracker is on SourceForge at