Last Published: 2008-04-17


The Jsmooth Plug-in can be executed using the following command:

mvn jsmooth:jsmoothcompile

The plug-in can also be executed automatically during a phase of the build process if it is configured to participate in a phase of the build process as an excution in the pom.xml.

pom.xml Configuration

The plugin needs to be defined in the pom.xml with the following required configuration:


The other optional configurations of this section can be seen in the jsmoothcompile goal configuration page.

Jsmooth Project configuration

The Jsmooth project configuration is the one generated by the Jsmooth UI. However, multiple sections of this configuration may be added dynamically by the plug-in at runtime.

The sections that may be replaced at the moment are the dependencies (lib) files, the name of the application jar, the final output file name, etc.


This plug-in depends on Jsmooth, however Jsmooth is currently not available in any maven repository at the time of writing. To use the Jsmooth plugin you may download it and install Jsmooth in your local repository using the install-file goal of the maven install plug-in .

For your benefit, you may use the following pom.xml file to deploy the jsmooth jar to your local repository:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""

This pom.xml includes the dependencies of the jsmooth project. The dependencies are available in the Maven central repository.

Maven Repository Configuration

The JSmooth plugin is currently not available at the Maven Central repository, hence to get your maven build system to get the plugin, you may use the temporary Insight Maven 2 repository at:

Maven JSmooth Plugin
Project Documentation