Last Published: 2008-04-08  | Version: 1.5.2

Insight Features

This features list is out of date. Need to update it based on Latest insight features.

UI Features

  • Is Swing based, hence platform independent.
  • Uses only Open Source third party libraries.
  • On Windows platforms comes with an installer.

Support for loggers

  • Processing of log files based on Dynamic interpretation of log4j patterns.
  • Insight has been developed primarily to analyze application logs generated by Log4j
  • Ability to select fields to view in the list presentation.
  • Support for all logging patterns in Log4j. The logging pattern can be specified in Insight Preferences.
  • Support for multiple (upto two) patterns of data in a single log file.

Handling Log Events

  • Ability to sort log events based on various fields: Time, Thread, Priority, Category, Message and Exception class name.
  • Ability to filter log events on multiple fields.
  • Ability to search for regular expressions in loaded log files.
  • Ability to search for text in log messages.
  • Ability to locate log events and their predecessors and successors from a sorted, filtered list.


  • Very small footprint, uses disk based caching to load large log files. (Between 40 - 65 MB even after loading 110 000 log entries from 3 log files)
  • It takes an average of 363 ms to interpret and display 1000 log entries and this time includes the disk I/O for reading the file and subsequent disk based pagination.

Remote Logs

  • Supports browsing and loading logs over an FTP or SFTP connection.
  • Supports loading of logs over an HTTP connection (with or without proxy)

Insight Eclipse Plugin

  • Insight Remote-Protocol to send data to Insight from multiple sources.
  • Eclipse Plug-in based on the above protocol can capture the data from a console of Eclipse and log it directly to Insight.
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